bogo deal spring 2021
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I left Sprint last year after using their service for more than 20 years.

When I signed up as a new Verizon customer I wished to take advantage of their buy one get one free offer.  I was told that I could pay over 24 months or pay outright for the phones and there would be no difference in doing either.  I was also told I could pay off the bogo offer at any time and there would be no difference.  

In the past year I have tried to pay off the phones twice, transferring between multiple departments over hours of hold and talk times only to be informed that the bogo offer only applies if the phones are paid off over 24 months, thereby negating the bogo offer.

Ironically, the reason I am wanting to payoff the devices is so I can add more lines and know exactly what the charge is for each line without having to factor in the cost of devices.

It is sad and disingenuous and shameful that this is what customer service has become.

Re: bogo deal spring 2021
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We don't want you to have any remorse about joining our Verizon Wireless family. Our goal is to see you take advantage of the best deals available to you when upgrading to new phones. Our Buy One, Get One Free offers do require that the device loan agreement remains active for 24 months. This allows our billing system to apply the monthly credit which takes care of the device installment payment. If you pay off the device earlier, this will void your promotional credit. I apologize that this was not properly explained to you. Here's more helpful information regarding how our promotional offers work:


We hope that this information is helpful to you. 



Re: bogo deal spring 2021

Apparently no one explained to you that these phone deals are not to save you money. The phone is a loss leader so that they can keep you with them for service for the full term of the loan and the promotional credits, that way they’re actually making a profit off of their real product which is service.  
it’s pretty much this way with any service provider and any deal that is offered on phone purchases.