calling restrictions announcement 19 server error

I'm trying to contact my boyfriend who lives in North Carolina and I live in Pennsylvania. Today I tried calling him and all I got was the 'Welcome to Verizon Wireless.  We’re sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of this call. Announcement 19."  message and then after it cuts me off I see 'Server error. Try again later' under his name. I don't use Verizon for my own phone carrier,  but it has been over 8 days since I've heard from him. I've texted and not gotten an answer back from him. I've tried calling another friend of his that lives in the same house and it just goes right to voice mail. I've tried using a different phone to call my boyfriend and it'll either go through and then go to voice mail or it'll sound like someone has picked up, but when I talk, no one is answering me. Have I been blocked or is something going on with the system down there?  Please, I'm really worried.

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