can't complete call / fast busy
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The last week or so our two Verizon cell phones often can't call from home - "can't complete call" (or whatever the message is) or fast busy.  I finally chatted with Verizon (certainly couldn't call them), but I doubt they will fix it.

I don't know why I'm posting this.  We pay over $200/month; what do we get?  We're lucky to get 1-2 bars.  It's like going to a gas station where the pump doesn't work, but you still have to pay for a full tank.  I've spent months dealing with Verizon; contacting the regional VP's office worked once, but not the second time.  The only thing Verizon has going for it is their competition is worse.  This and other service failures (Comcast, USPS, etc.) is why I believe the US infrastructure is going to collapse within my lifetime.

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Re: can't complete call / fast busy
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I can definitely understand your frustrations with not having a reliable network connection with your wireless devices and our network in your home.  I would love the opportunity to try and restore your confidence in our service.

What model device(s) are you using?  Is this problem occurring only at your home?  If so, what is the zip code of the problem location?  How is service outdoors at this location?  Please let me know so that I can further assist.

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Re: can't complete call / fast busy
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To answer your questions:

  • iPhone 6
  • yes, only at home
  • 80134
  • as I said, terrible, usually 1 bar.

It started working again when I rebooted our extender; I don't know yet if that was the problem.


  1. Tech on chat knew we had an extender, didn't suggest rebooting it.
  2. Tech said I would get ticket status message within 15 minutes; never did.
  3. I asked your web for a copy of chat; never got it.
  4. Why is it nearly impossible to login to these forums?  I finally figured out phone number works, screen name / email address don't work.  Password reset doesn't work; I just get email about "Your user account is controlled by an external system such as LDAP. Please contact your administrator." - not my problem, yours (chat tech agrees).
  5. Again, I'm never out of 1-2 bar area.  We pay $200+ for this "service".  You should see all the people at work outside in 0F weather trying to get a signal (and still only getting 1-2 bars).
  6. Your USA coverage map is a lie.  We live in a major metro area.  Our neighborhood is new, but work (1 mile away) is surrounded by a 15 year old subdivision.  I understand no one wants a tower in their back yard, but Verizon has told me "we realize you are in a Variable Coverage Area" (their euphemism for poor service), "growth plans are confidential" (nonexistent, probably), and "you need to switch to our competition to get good service" (I can't make this up).  If I had time I'm certain I could collect thousands of signatures on a petition, but what good would it do?  The funny thing is I used to be a Verizon fan.