I called in a panic at 11;03 on Saturday the 7th because I received both a text and email that said I hadn't completed everything to order my phone !  I just spoke to a nice rep who told me to send you this complaint. I have at least 8 screen shots to prove to you the POOR customer service I received from this person "Elvin"; who REFUSED to just answer a very simple question on your chat system-"I just need to know if my phone HAS been ordered".  Please call me as soon as possible, and I'll me HAPPY to send you all these screen shots of our conversation.   I would load them here, but I always have a problem doing so!  I'll be glad to send them to ANY EMAIL YOU WANT, from my cell, where they reside now. Thank you for your prompt attention, and I really hope you can coach this person to TREAT CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT THEY DESERVE !  -Steve Gluck


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Customer Service Rep

Good morning! Thank you for bringing this experience to our attention. Verizon takes your feedback very seriously, and we'd like to assist with your complaint. I'll be sending you a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.