customer service is just as bad as website. Don’t switch
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I too recently switched from Att and had a nightmare of a time trying to give Verizon my money. I went online to try to use their website to start a switch, which should have been my first warning because their website is archaic and appears coded by a 12 yo. After wasting time on that, we went to the VW store, which spent an hour staring at his tablet having a hard time trying to get a plan to show us, before even taking my information. So we finally got through that and he said in order to take trade on our old phones, we would need to finance our phones, but he could put it through with a large down payment per phone, and finance a dollar and we would get $400 per phone on trade. So after all of that, we agreed and then looked at the receipt and noticed that he charged us full price for the phones. We then discovered that they were financing our $800  credit over 30 months, giving us a $27 credit per month. I called Verizon and explained and was told I had to go back to the store. I went back to the store to have them correct it, but they said there wasn’t a way without losing our numbers. After 3 hours they were finally able to figure out how to process the change by adjusting it to a 24 month finance. So after that, our plan was to add our daughter a line with a new phone. They couldn’t process the free phone without sending a code to my phone, which would never show up. They did it 3 times which then locked us out of adding a new phone for 24 hours. We tried to call Verizon at the store with the Verizon store reps, and the phone rep said that I would have to buy 2 phones and then return one phone without opening so I don’t get a restocking fee. This is the most frustrating introduction to a new company cuz after all of this, we got the phones activated on 10/12, and then on 10/14, I get a bill from 9/13-10/12 for the full month, due by 11/4 for $267.00 with $70 activation fees and other charges. We signed up for $70 per phone unlimited plan. Our next bill is estimated to be 199 for 2 phones, when I came from att I was paying 100 a month for 2 phones. I was willing to pay a bit more for better service, but Verizon is the worst. But, at least I have some material for my Vlog with 5 million subs.

Re: customer service is just as bad as website. Don’t switch
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Ebray413, we want to help sort this all out and work on this with you. Please send us a Private Note so we can help. Thank you! *Jose