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I called in today because my bill went up $27.00 since the last bill. 



Since the last bill in may, i changed my number.  i tried changing it online but could not.  Their system was broken.  I had to call into support who after 2 hours, was able to finally change the number.  I had asked the support agent about being charged the $15.00 fee and she told me I would not be as I was on the phone so long and it was something wrong with their back end.  This all happened May 24th.  My cycle ends june 6th.

So going back to today, I spoke with George.  He was able to remove the 15$ fee but there was still roughly 12/13$ too much being charged- or so i thought.

George could not answer why i was being charged and i've been unable to access my bill via pc for a while and the app stinks looking at previous bills- you cannot.

I asked for a manager, and george said he was on the phone so was not available and he's say same thing anyhow.


Needless to say, this all upset me.  I was able to use a different web browser to access my verizon bill and found out the reason.

I had gone on an international trip in may and had used travel pass.  once i thought.  Turns out I used it 2x.  So mystery solved.  I only wish george would have looked at the details of the bill to help me understand where the extra 12$ was coming from.  He said it was due to prorating my bill since i had a number change.  Nope.  I was credited from old number the same as was billed for new number.  It was that 1  ten dollar travel pass charge I had not accounted for......





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