deceptive billing practice - file FCC complaint
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I accidentally overpaid, called customer service, they promised to cancel the overpayment and offered to take the correct payment. I trusted them, made the correct payment, they never canceled the original overpayment. I called after several weeks, they still refused.

It's lying - and just plain bad customer service. Sure, they keep my money a little longer, but then Amex get's involved, has to call them several times, collect information, all to dispute the charge.

I file complaints with the FCC, better business bureau, states Attorney general, all of which doesn't take much time these days.

I hope it's worth the little extra interest they keep on my payment, I suppose it's policy just to screw enough accounts in bulk so it makes them a bit of extra change.

If anyone else has the same issue, I'd love to hear about it and what you did to try and correct the deception or draw attention to it. I suspect using social media maybe good as it will dissuade others from using Verizon.

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So, you overpaid, THEN sent another payment in? Maybe I am reading it wrong but that is how I see it.

If so, why not just let the over payment remain and have a credit going into next months invoice

And what good does filing a complaint with the FCC do? They do not handle billing disputes.

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It was a payment error, they were canceling it, then they refused after

getting a corrected payment from me. I just don't appreciate being screwed

over needlessly like that. It's a deceptive practice that over time and

tons of accounts becomes a profit center for them at our (the customer

base) expense. Obviously lots won't make the effort to call them on it,

it's too cumbersome, so they get away with it because we're all complacent.

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Customer Service doesn't control your money, the treasury department does, and they can't contact them via form, most they can do is fill out a form, and usually it gets refunded the same day, depending on the time frame of which the form is submitted. It has to be submitted the same day the payment is made in order to get the refund the same day. Otherwise it can take up to 10 business days to get your refund.

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Ashton - this was same day, few minutes after the charge. And, I followed

up over 10 days later, and they would not drop the erroneous charge. So

it's not at all about lapse of enough time, or forms, it's a flat refusal

to do what they promised, in spite of having taken a replacement payment in

the proper amount. Possession is 9/10ths right? They got my money, deceived

me, then kept it. Period.

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Wait, you're saying erroneous "charge." What charge? I thought all we were talking about was a payment not being refunded/overpaid?

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sorry, 'charge' to my credit card. I paid online, called immediately, they

said they'd reverse, and take my correct payment which they did.

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Try calling again, they'll be able to decipher what the treasury department left in the remarks/what the status of the reverse is.

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I see, thanks. But, they didn't say it just hadn't taken yet, they said

point blank they were not going to reverse it. That's when my

recourse/protection fallback is to go to Amex and get them to dispute and

take it up with VZ at another level. I'm guessing most people would just

roll over though and let them have the money. It's not just verizon either,

lotta service companies seem to have found a sweet spot dollar amount that

most of us will figure is not significant enough to spend time over

correcting. Multiply that practice across thousands/millions of accounts

and it amounts to a good profit center for the company. Need more

complaints, and then some regulation to stop the practice I say.

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I have been reading this so excuse me jumping in.

If you paid by credit card the company need only go back into the payment screen and post a credit back for that amount.

Verizon took this posters money in seconds, so they can give it back the same way. And they can do it.

Secondly as I just did this morning you can call your credit card company and they will do a charge back, this can be for defective goods and services, double billing, incorrect billing, failure to provide what was paid for ( as in my case and not Verizon) the card issuer will credit back that amount and notify the merchant why it was taken away.

Very few times is a charge back not placed permanently back to their customers account.

Now what "Treasury Department" are you referring to? it would be accounts receivable or accounts payable in Verizon's finance office. The US Treasury has zero to do with it.

Original poster, just keep on AMEX for the money back. They have limited time to put the amount back,

Good Luck

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Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I'd love to know (from others) to what

extent this practice occurs. People should get together, and all post FCC

complaints or otherwise if there's to be any chance or reversing this sort

of strong arm tactic. Your Senators have feedback forms too which you can

use to complain, and if there's enough frequency of complaint, maybe

someone will look at current law (it's probably not legal), or propose some

legislation to make it easier for us little guys to preserve our rights

under these circumstances.

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On my own experience I can tell you that I have dealt with Verizon on this same issue but not on their wireless.

Years ago before my wife and I purchased our home I had Verizon Online. I called 10 times to try and cancel service. Stated after February I would not be living at my former address. I paid the invoice through February. But Verizon charged my card for April. (Had no equipment or service) I called over 50 times to get someone who knew what to do; to do it. Needless to say I was told 10 days, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days and I just got angry since they were stringing me along.

Called the card company did a charge back, showed my bank the double bill I even faxed it to them. Card company put the money back on no problem. Would you believe Verizon Online actually tried to collect the overpayment from me. So it does not surprise me any VERIZON is not to be trusted.

They think the rules don't apply to them and credit card transactions. But they are finding out if the customer knows his rights they lose.

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I see, sorry and thanks for sharing. The problem is they don't lose when it

means, for instance, they just couldn't keep your double billing. They made

plenty off you and wanted more. They work the way the legal system works,

figure you won't go to the time and expense of proving you don't owe them

the money, and worst case they don't collect extra from you (i.e. swindle

you). But, you're the exception, others just roll over after enough pain

and Verizon wins.

The way to really fight back is to make it known where people can complain,

band together, and get the FCC or whomever regulates them to impose some

consumer protections. Or, just make it more painful for them by filing with

the FCC, Attorney General, Better Business bureau (your state and theirs)

so at a minimum the few extra dollars they squeeze from you costs them more

in bad publicity, which can eventually tip into some sort of lawsuit. Maybe

even look at taking the to small claims court - skip working it through

channels that are not publicized and get it out so other people can benefit

from your fight and call them out on their corrupt practices.

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For instance, easy to file FCC complaint at:

... under billing. I have no idea how effective this is, but there are

other avenues, better business bureau, states attorney general, FTC I

suppose, etc. I know a guy who works in Commerce so I'll try to get better



"Usually it get refunded within a day"???? Uh no, customer service is doing their job.  The financial/treasury department needs more help.  I was told on 2/3/14 my refund was going to be refunded within 24-36 hours.  I called again on Wednesday, no refund and was then told the "policy" is 5-15 business days??? Oh, again it's been a week and a day..stilll no refund.  They, of course, have credited my account for the 266.33..but where is my money???? stuck in the financial/treasury department buerocratic crap.  I had a bigger company refund my money last month within A DAY!!!!!

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Hi Djherm2,

Oh my! I know how important it is have your money refunded in a timely manner. We can review your account to see if there is a refund date posted. Please accept me follow and send me a Private Message with your mobile number.

Tweet us @vzwsupport

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The My Verizon Account Web Portal automatically stops functioning when a line of service is either canceled or ported out to another provider. However if other lines are on your account the portal will still be available for the other lines.

Good Luck