demand to speak to a reginal manager

absolute worst company on thee face of the planet.  opened a business account for my company. set up a one talk system. worked ok for 18 months or so. started having issues for over a month now it has not worked at all. I've called in 19 times to advanced tech with no resolution. they suggested I invest into new equipment, issue still present. they suggested I upgrade my service plan for more data. issue still present. they changed mobile clients 3 times, issue still present, these people have no clue how to work thier own dang system. this issue that they all act like is no big deal as effectively killed my small company. it has effectively costed me thousands of dollars in lost contracts that took years to achieve.  recieved multiple negative reviews in regards to our inability to coordinate calls and scheduling..  which is entirely beyond my control and verizon can't provide a quality service. if a customer can't call your business line. and you CANT AWNSER you don't have a business. I honestly don't know how I will cover my expenses and wages this month.  I'm still under contract, and more or less pickled into continuing this non sense.   I wish I could force verizon to loose wages for just a single day and watch how fast thier heads came unscrewed, then take away thier phones so they have to figure it out some other way to solve thier problem like I have to....  then multiply it time 30 days!!!!

Re: demand to speak to a reginal manager
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I am having this same problem! And it’s effected my business as well! I am beyond mad. I need some serious compensation or we should find lawyers. Because this is garbage. I pay 100’s of dollars a month for my family’s phone plan and I’ve been messed up over several times I. The last 3 months trying to solve this problem. I also got a new phone, and new number… and still can’t receive calls. I feel your pain man 😒😡