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first of all let me say that providing feedback anywhere on the Verizon website is a (deleted inappropriate content as per VZW ToS).  i'm guessing though this was done on purpose and is done by design.

secondly, the people who run the store in peoria IL on sheridan road are complete (deleted content as per VZW ToS....please keep post family friendly) .  a minor service call resulted in a complete loss of everything in my phone. then after they gave me a blank phone, they lied about how retrieving my phone book may take up to an hour, when in reality they (deleted) up, didnt have the (deleted) to be honest about it, and just had no idea how to do it.  i have since spent the last few days re-building almost everything i had in my phone.  what a complete waste of time.  if those (deleted) have no idea what they are doing, then they need to be honest about it, and refer the customer to someone else who does know what they ARE doing before they (deleted) something else up.  its pretty sad when even the mgr cant be truthful with the customer or know what he is doing.

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I apologize for any negative experience with our sales team in Peoria, IL. Our goal is to provide a memorable, positive interaction our customers reach out to us. Please let me know if you have any unaddressed concerns so I can assist further.

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They really don't give a dang, do they? I have ten lines with this company and I have to call and wait on hold for an hour to do anything. God I hate this company.

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