file a complaint against verizon
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Over the span of 4  days, countless times i uploaded everything from my w2 a lease a selfie my id you name it to just have my application cancelled. This is the short version. I am filing a BBB complaint and also wish to file a complaint against verizon also. It feels like someone in that dept is stealing ID because there is no way that they couldnt say I am who i say i am. This dept needs a serious overhaul.  4 days and countless hours of my time wasted. I am not comfortable with the amount of sensitive info i uploaded to be told it couldnt be found and then denied anyways by them. I have never in my life experienced anything like this. I uploaded everything asked, called, you name it for my app to be denied anyways? There was no way they couldnt ID me with the sensitive info i shared. I git the excuse they couldnt find it or they needed something else. It felt like i had  that dept harvesting my info, and i am wondering if you have someone in there doing just that from the appearance of the situation. How do i file against that dept