full bars no data / imessage etc

I work on the road (NJ/NY) & nothing more frustrating when you have full bars of LTE or 5G and cannot use data, iMessage, etc.  I have been traveling to the southern part of Long Island NY for the last month and have had issues in most locations.  Right now (Bayport, NY) I have 4 bars of LTE and on my phone it just spins and spins and spins and never loads, I have drive to the other end of this  parking lot for it to work.  Two weeks ago when I was working in West Islip, I could't use my phone at all but still had at least 2-full bars of LTE.  

Verizon doesn't have an interactive coverage map for customer's to report issues to??

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Hello, erink2306, we know how important it is to stay connected while working on the road. Are you running into issues with service at locations where you were able to use service in the past? Are there certain locations where you continually have service issues? Is your service affected throughout the Bayport location that you mentioned?


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The Check Network Status link at the right side of the forum page does allow you to enter feedback on your neighborhood's coverage.  But I'm not sure who, if anyone, checks it.

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.