giftcard invalid purchased from store
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I bought a gift card from a Verizon Wireless store. It was not activated at the time of purchase. Go wonder! The store didn't the right job and collected the money of $100. I guess they needed it because Verizon is short of money or something.

Realized the gift card has no value when I tried to use it in March of this year. Then I found out the no value issue. contacted the store. they outright refused to help me. but gave me a receipt for the purchase.

now I am contacting the community where again I am being shoved around from the 1-800-457-0863 number and a chat which goes nowhere. is this the way issues get resolved around here?

Re: giftcard invalid purchased from store
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I am sorry that the gift card was not activated at the store of purchase. You will need to work with the store location in order to get the card activated.