horrendous service at Berkshire Mall, Reading, PA

I needed to replace my phone. Went to Berkshire and Mike was great. However, none of the phones I wanted were in stock so we ordered. The next day I get a call that my phone has arrived but I needed to make an appointment for pick up. I made arrangements and tried to call back to make an appointment. They wouldn't answer the phone; it kept getting transferred to other locations. Finally a Verizon Rep answered and said it wasn't a problem and he would email the store for a 4 o'clock appointment (this was at 12:30 so plenty notice right?). We walked into the store and couldn't even figure out who the salespeople were! They were all dressed very unprofessionally and no ID tags. Then they say they had a glitch and weren't sure if they had the phone. Sure enough the "acting manager" came out and confirmed--no phone. I was extremely upset, tired and had driven 30 miles to pick up the phone. She just said "I'm sorry". I told her that didn't cut it, they knew I was coming and if they knew there was a glitch they should have followed up on it! She gave all kinds of excuses that they were too busy, short handed, yada yada yada. When I STILL wasn't buying it she got angry that I wouldn't accept her apology!!! I have been a Verizon customer for MANY MANY years. I did contact the corporate office and they are escalating my complaint. SHOPPER BEWARE!!!