iPhone 6 trade-in scam now locked into 2 year contract
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Does anyone know were I can file an official complaint with Verizon?  I can't believe the run around I'm getting with Verizon.  I spoke to a customer service rep back on October 18th about the iPhone6 trade-in program.  I was told that I qualify for the trade-in and that after signing up for a new 2-year contract they would initially charge me $200 for the new iPhone 6 but as long as I return my iPhone 6 by December 10th I would be given a Verizon credit of $200,  I even asked during the conversation with customer service to verify that I would definitely be getting the $200 back in credit and she'd confirmed that.

Couple of weeks later I receive my new iPhone 6 but no return instructions or pre-printed label to return my iPhone 4.  When I called customer service today they told me I missed the deadline by 3 days and that I don't qualify for the promo???  How can that be when I was guaranteed by the customer service rep that I did qualify and that there would be no issues.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor and told him to check the recording of the phone conversation I had with customer service back on the 18th he told me that what customer service tells it's customers isn't legal binding and she was wrong to tell me I qualify for the promo.  So because of her mis-information I know locked into a new 2-year contract that I can't get out of and I'm paying $200 for a phone that I thought would be free.  I can't believe Verizon would treat their customers this way.  Are they telling me that I can't trust anything a customer service rep tells me because it's not legally binding?  Well know I'm legally bound to a 2year contract.  Thanks a lot Verizon!

You better believe I will be telling all of my friends, family and co-workers about how Verizon treats their customers and I will be pushing them to switch to another carrier that actually treats their customers with respect and doesn't trick them into 2-year contracts like they did to me.

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You are not locked into a 2 year contract even though you signed one. T-Mobile is buying out contracts when you port and trade in your current device.

Switch Carriers without Early Termination Fees | No ETF's | T-Mobile

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Yea and you don't get it for like 8 months so have fun with that.

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I also was informed by the sales rep at the store that I qualified for $200 trade in on my spotless iPhone4. Went to the site www.trade-in.vzw.com/ and filled out the info, clicked "Submit" a popup sad "Successfully submitted" or some such.

Never heard another word. Called today to follow up and was told my submission was never received. Now if I go back to the site and do the appraisal, it says I might $29.
Looks like I was far from the only one taken in this scam and near as I can see from responses on this blog, no one has received any satisfaction from Verizon.

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I understand you are upset about not getting your $200, but seriously they tricked you into signing a 2-year contract?! REALLY?! You made your own decision to buy the phone with Verizon, things can change the day after they tell you something it's how ALL CELL PHONE CARRIERS are!! So even if you do switch <<Comment removed >>  , the other carrier will most likely do the same thing. You aren't entitled as a person or customer to every little thing Verizon does, some things you just won't qualify for <<Comments removed >>  .There will be other promotions going on you could qualify for. Everybody makes mistakes, it shows we are human, so be mad at that rep all you want she made a mistake you don't know if she was new or not, what if you were her first call customer? Why do people not think about this?!  <<Comment removed >>