incorect promotion iphone SE August 2021

i have being trying for 5 months, any suggestion how to make it right, please tell me.  I went to Verizon store in August 2021 to get an apple watch for my daughter.  The agent told me that there is a promotion and i can get an ihone SE for free with new phone line.  Since my daughter was new to the account, i said ok to get the iphone SE.  Since then, i have been getting charged $16.99 a month for the iphone SE.  I went to the store and they told me to wait 3 month for the promotion to kick in.  I did, nothing.  I went back to the store and they told me to call support.  I called support.  they told me they can not do anything and i should call another department.  I did.  The agent told me that everything will be reversed and i will be be getting charged again.  It may take a billing cycle to show.  I waited 2 and nothing has happened.  i open a ticket via emails and now they tell me they dont have a record of my last call with the agent and i should go back to the store.  Typical case of passing the problem.  Any help guys how to make it right?