major issues with verizon

so we will start back in April of last year, my wife and i paid off 3 devices all at the same time no issue at all, then we waited a few weeks and paid off a 4th line that was the other watch did the same process and on the app we got confirmation that the watch was paid fast forward to next billing cycle mind you it was on automatic pay got a bill for 0.00 stating the bill was paid in advance so i called verizon and spoke to a rep just to be told i was wrong and that i had paid the bill and not the device so i went on and started looking at the actual bill and it had stated on the new bill that the bill for the device was paid but according to the account it was not paid, so i once again called and spoke to a rep. talking with the rep i was once again told i was wrong when the bill even stated that i was right and that their system messed up. i ended up speaking to several mangers and got promised a call back that the account would not go to collections do to non payment for the issue i paid every month after the issue, i then get told that i have to pay for the device again. so instead of fighting and yes i owed the money for the one month of service of around 300 we have 6 lines the device was over 400 after fighting for months i only get an apology and nothing else.

     now recently i have swapped from a personal plan to a business plan for my company that i am 1/3 owner of and when transferring service over the rep explained to me that there will be no bill for the old account and it will all be on the business account so it is one bill so now a month later i get a bill in the mail from verizon from the old account of 130 and some change plus the bill for the business and i was told there was no activation fees for a business and the bill for the business was around 290 and that's a normal bill with no insurance but they had cancelled the device insurance and i was unaware of it and was told switching from personal to business would save money and that's true with no insurance i was never told they were dropping the insurance for the phones off the bill so i am now having to pay the 130 plus the 330 (after i fixed the insurance deal) so for one month of service i am now paying 460. spoke to a rep on 2/22/22 for about an hour told her everything and i was told there is nothing that they can do they sent the bill to collections after i just recieved a paper bill within the last week my old account has been locked so i cant even see the itemized reasons the rep was no real help other than i have to pay now around an extra 130 to clear up the old account and before it was locked where i couldn't get into it said i had a balance of 0.00 now they generated a bill at the end of last month and i get the notice i own with in the last week i then got a call on 2/22/22 from their collection agents stating that i owed them the money and i asked how do i owe it to them when i just got a bill with in the last week. Verizon i feel don't take care of their customers we have spent over 4k in devices since we have been with them and i have had the account for 3-4 years and swapped to business i feel they should be giving people some kind of break when they say they bill a month in advance so how when its a month in advance they bill how do you owe money for 10 days when according to my math it should have been under 100 plus the company paid over 300 for that month math don't add up and i hung up on the rep before i blew my top and told her thank you for your time i will be contacting my company attorney to look over everything i really don't think that Verizon is fair with their customers and $130 to them for someone that was looking at upgrading a line to the newer iPhone and not trading the old one in and paying full price over a period of time. well from what i see I'm more than likely gonna have to pay everything off we are looking at dropping Verizon along with 4 other sister companies the attorneys  office will more than likely drop them we have told other companies we are friends with and if this don't get settled they are going to drop them so word of mouth just in Vermont they may by the time word spreads may not have very many people using Verizon we are currently looking at other cell providers that offer business cell phones and port over everything to them and possibly get gps trackers for equipment when we decide to buy some not impressed something will happen if Verizon don't want to do something