no service in 01742

Like many others have posted, there is basically no service in 01742.  This has been an issue for at least the past 8 years I have been working in this town.  EVERYONE here talks about the same issue with their own phones.  The coverage map shows we have total coverage, but that is definitely not true.  I try to speak to someone on the phone or text and each time they want me to go through all of the troubleshooting on my phone.  IT'S NOT MY PHONE!!!  I have had probably 5 different phones in the past 8 years, and everyone else I know has this issue on their phones too.  We cannot text, use google maps, load emails, order items on apps like DD/Starbucks....etc) unless we get onto a wifi network.   Oh and 5G seems to appear on my phone in one spot in town.....and that is a joke because while it shows I have full service.....nothing works!!!! Someone please come out and address the network/coverage issue, and stop blaming the phones.

Re: no service in 01742
Customer Service Rep

emilius4, we never like to hear that you are coming across any kind of service issue. I have sent you a Private Note so we may look further into your area for you.