nobody is really listening to any of us
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In June 2021, my service with Verizon went down the toilet. Whereas I used to have no problems at all with getting a signal in my office or neighborhood, I suddenly found myself not able to make or receive calls or even text anyone. I spoke with Verizon's "customer service" many times and of course, that led no where. They wanted to tell me about how to use WiFi for making calls when my chief complaint was sending and receive texts (I hate talking on the phone anyway so that wasn't really as much of an issue). I changed phones and now have a Note 10+ 5G and it's about one step better than what I had with my Note 4 (which, incidentally, worked flawlessly up until June 2021), meaning that I can at least have one bar of 4G service at my office now but it still s-u-c-k-s majorly. I don't want to go through the hassle of switching service providers as I've been with Verizon for over a decade now but at this point, I'm finding very little recourse. Verizon doesn't seem to care enough about the issue to actually look into the real problem (decreased signal strength of their towers) and instead, focuses on other things like making sure I have the "make calls over WiFi' feature turned on. THAT'S NOT THE ISSUE WHEN YOUR SERVICE WORKED FINE ONE DAY AND THEN STOPS WORKING THE NEXT. 

Verizon doesn't care. I keep hoping tomorrow will be a better day so I don't have to change anything but so far, nothing has changed. New SIM card didn't make a difference. New phone didn't make a difference. Even the guy at the local Verizon store right down the road from me couldn't give me an explanation.


Nobody is really listening at all.

Re: nobody is really listening to any of us
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We hear you loud and clear. To work together to document the area more in depth, please meet us back in Private Message.