overcharged for data I never used
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I've been attempting to resolve an erroneous overcharge of data on my wireless plan for the last 2 weeks. 4 chats and 2 trips to the local Verizon store later (with them calling in). I've been told it was resolved twice and the $60 for 4 extra G would be credited, but then I get a text saying it's "being reviewed" and no resolution.

I have been a Verizon customer for over 15 years and I am angry and disgusted that Verizon cares so little about its customers that its answer is "well I see you used that data and do you want to upgrade to an unlimited plan"? This seems like a crooked attempt to force ppl to upgrade.

Our usage shows that on a Sunday night my phone somehow accumulated 6G of data usage from midnight to 6am (which I was sleeping) and my phone was charging.

Our max data use (we're on an older 10G combined plan - that the reps have always told us to keep as it's always been cheaper than the newer unlimited plans....after they try to upsell us - and we've been willing to change but not if it costs more) is never more than 6-7G COMBINED per month. Multiple reps have told me that it is impossible to accumulate the data in the fashion it is showing and agreed that it must have been a glitch or error in system... yet somehow I still can't get this fixed.

I'm ready to change services later this weekend and never use Verizon again.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Re: overcharged for data I never used
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Hey, earena18! I do apologize for any trouble this has caused, but I'm happy to figure this out. Have we gone through the troubleshooting to see what's causing the usage?