payment kiosk

went to pay my prepaid  plan today at the verizon store only to find out the payment kiosk does not take money for prepaid plans anymore, or so the message stated.  pre virus i always paid in cash at the same store with various versions of the kiosk. for 3 months i had to buy a refill card to add to my online account. is this no prepaid payments a temporary thing? or is verizon phasing the kiosks out? 


p.s. the worker at the store saw my issue and did allow me to pay them directly.  which i am grateful for, however once things get back to normal again, i cannot fathom waiting at my store to pay the bill as normally there is a 2-3 hour wait. to talk to a rep. the kiosk requires no help from a worker and completes my tasks within a matter of minutes .