poor signal/ ways to report or fix?

I moved earlier this year to Cedar Hill, TX (75104) almost to the county line between Dallas/Ellis Counties.  My signal since moving in the house has been one bar 5G to 3 bars 4G.  It's inconsistent even when the phone is sitting still and so low at times that many calls go straight to voicemail.  A couple of questions:

1.  ATT has an app where you can just pin a location to report low/bad/no signal to help them determine where they need to look at future expansion- does Verizon have anything similar? There just doesn't seem to be an easy/good way to report.

2.  Is there anyway I can easily/cheaply boost my signal in my house?  The house is old so I don't think it's really blocking much.

Re: poor signal/ ways to report or fix?
Customer Service Rep

Congratulations on your move, TX_VerizonUser. We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your signal since moving. We would like to work with you personally to get to the bottom of the signal in your area. We can also look into a network extender if needed. Do you experience the same signal issues when away from your home? Are you able make calls, use text and data? How often do you not receive a call? -Danielle