poor voice service on LAN

The  voice service on the Verizon LAN in my neighborhood  has once again died a quite death. This has happened at least 6 times in the last 6 months. The problem is no one knows the voice service has failed again until they try to use their telephones. We have a number of elderly residents who rely on their LAN based voice service for doctor's appointments , etc. I can not get any one in Verizon to take this serious issue seriously. The service people have told us that the battery backup system in our local distribution system needs to have the batteries replaced, but Verizon does not want to SPEND the money to provide them with the batteries. As a result, the LAN based voice service is unstable and unpredictable. I have to call the problem into Verizon using my TracFone cell phone. I've tried to use the service number listed on their web page, but the call is not  put through because I'm not calling them on a Verizon phone. Will someone please tell them that Verizon bought TracFone LAST YEAR. I will now call the OTHER service number with my TraceFone and explain to them AGAIN that the problem in a NEIGHBORHOOD problem not a problem with my home line and that they need to send someone back to the local distribution box to fix the problem there. Wish me luck