"Variable Service " = No Service
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I recently began experiencing terrible Verizon service in my home neighborhood.  This started in early October 2019, during which I was not able to make or receive phone calls.  During subsequent weeks I observed the usual excellent service away from my neighborhood, the same service I had been receiving in my neighborhood for the last 20 years with Verizon.  After multiple chats and phone calls with Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, performing numerous reboots and resets, and even responding via text messages with field service reps involved with site survey, I still have the terrible service within my home neighborhood.

The very pleasant and very helpful Tier 2 support rep offered an explanation stating my iPhone 5S uses 3G voice services and Verizon is moving forward to decommission that service.  She elaborated that Verizon previously planned to stop 3G service by end of 2019, but recently extended this to 2020.  Never hearing of this before, I googled this and found industry articles referencing this and the dates.  But the articles also said until this, 3G services will remain in place until end of 2020 and has stopped activating new 3G phones immediately.

The Tier 2 rep also stated my home is in a “variable service” area, explaining this means Verizon knows it’s a disadvantaged service area but has no immediate plans to resolve this.  She arranged to have field inspection performed, and after multiple texts with that team, I received a generic message stating the all was “normal”.  Since then, I’ve watched more closing my 4G/LTE (no 3G) service bounce all over from no service to few bars to perfect, all around my neighbor while on the move, but also while sitting in the same place. Understand while in my home, I normally use Wi-Fi for data services, thus wouldn’t normally notice changes in the 4G/LTE service.

Finally, the Tier 2 rep suggested given the age of my phone, that I purchase a new phone to fix my problem.  While a new phone may be appealing, my current phone is in excellent condition, meets my needs and works perfectly outside my neighborhood.  Also, understand this suggestion was before the field inspection was completed, and before I observed 4G/LTE regularly dropping in my neighborhood.  Given this, I have strong reservations about spending upto $1000 on a new 4G/LTE phone for use in a “variable service” area.

Based on the Verizon actions above, I’m left to conclude that the new “normal” service in my neighborhood is now “variable service” includes zero service for both 4G/LTE and 3G.  I’m also left to conclude that Verizon does not proactively communicate with its customers their plans to impact their customer’s experience.  It’s clear to me that Verizon is well aware of this situation, yet has no plan to correct their service to my neighborhood.

Given the above, it appears it’s time for this 20+ year loyal customer to move on to other service providers.  But before I do, I’d like offer Verizon one more chance to rectify this situation.

Re: "Variable Service " = No Service
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I have the same problem. I have an iphone 7 and now have basically no service when at home. This started in late 2019 and has continued. I really do not have a choice where I live other than one other wireless company and I probably will have to switch. It's a shame that we are forced to do this. You would think that with as many cell towers as they now have that the service would be excellent. 

Re: "Variable Service " = No Service
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Thank you for being a loyal customer and giving us the opportunity to help. Many factors outside of Verizon’s control can contribute to indoor performance even in cases where you may have had service in the past. What ZIP code are you located in?