"marginal coverage"

galaxy s10+ is the phone, so I was told that I am in a marginal coverage area I am unable to receive phone calls all people get is a busy signal but I can call out text out and receive texts just fine, as well as internet speeds 15.1Mbps down and 2.30 up, I have followed every tech step multiple times, went through multiple times pulling the sim and putting it back in checking my phones updates, enabled wifi calling and I went to a part of my property that gives me full bars still not receiving calls the network team even tested my service and so far the only result I have had is that I am receiving "marginal service" at this point if Verizon doesn't want to make my service work properly I not only will be making a complaint to the better business bureau but I will be going to a different carrier I find it unacceptable to pay full price for a service I'm only receiving about 75% of I had to buy a $10 tracfone and $15 pay as you go plan to even test my phone/ and have a way to receive calls, If verizon has no intention of fixing the issue and providing me a full service then i am not paying my full bill price, i wanted to be on a service that provided 5g when i get the phone i was planning on buying with taxes but its looking like its not going to be with verizon.

Re: "marginal coverage"
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