"so called" unlimited plans
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I see old posts about verizon's fake unlimited plans, this is now 2021 & I suppose I want to vent about how I have been lied to & ripped off by verizon's lies about their plans, I have 4 users on my plan including myself, &  3 hotspots to try to make it so all can have wifi, but 30 GB & then slowed to dial up speeds? seriously? for all the money I have paid & am paying I am frustrated & downright angry! I have chatted my fingers to the bone & have had much smoke blown up my you know, I woild like to speak or chat or email someone within verizon eho is a bit higher up the food chain than "verizon agent" of only to vent, but how can I contact anyone higher up? has anyone been able yo do that in recent times? 

Re: "so called" unlimited plans
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There are 120 million Verizon customers, you aren't the only one using the network. For comparison, Comcast has 20.4 million and they are a real ISP with hardwired connections, not wireless.

These "so called unlimited" plans don't charge extra for using over a set amount of data. No where was it advertised as unlimited speeds. If this were the case, everyone would be struggling to load anything in a timely manner thanks to the heaviest of users.

If you want proper internet, use an ISP. A cell phone carrier isn't meant to replace home internet. If you live somewhere without proper internet options, get on to your local government.

Re: "so called" unlimited plans
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Hello oldude, 


We know how important it is to have plenty of data to connect to, and we are here to help! While it is true that mobile hotspot typically has a set amount of 4G premium speed data before being reduced to 3G, we do want to help you find a way to make sure everyone can stay connected. One option for more hotspot, would be to add a dedicated mobile hotspot to your account. This would allow you additional data for just $20 more on our unlimited plans. Check out our device options here: 




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