rebate and match that I never received

Looking for some answers

I can't seem to get any help with customer support. If you chat with them it seems to take 5 minutes or longer just for them to answer a simple question.

So Back in January of 2022 I was dealing with customer service about an issue I was having with my phone or service at the time and we got on the subject of upgrading my phone and service. I had iPhone 7 Plus and ended up with iPhone 13 Pro Max (which Ive hated since day 1)

Anyway I had told the lady that I needed to keep my monthly bill below $100 per month and she assured me that that wouldn't be an issue because they had a deal going on if I sent in my iPhone they would give me an $800 credit and then match that and I would be getting my phone for free. So they sent me the return package and label and the phone was sent back to them. I received a email stating they received it but they never credited my account for any money and my payment went up to almost $170 month. Now I have contacted customer service several times to just end up getting the run around. One time I was on chat for over an hour just to get told that there was a mess-up somewhere and that I would have to send the trade in phone to them which I already had. Now this has happened time and time again and I thought they would have got it figured out. Life got busy and I didn't think about it again. I have my account on auto pay in a checking account that I just add money to to cover all my bills and I never really look at it.

So I was having issue with my phone recently and got online to my account just to see that I am still paying the almost $170 per month for the service and the phone which I was supposed to receive for free. 

My question here is this. Who do I have to contact to resolve this situation and  how do I contact them?


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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to read about the situation occurring with your device trade in and we're here to help. We have sent you a private note.~Peter