samsung note 10 plus 5 g

I have a samsung  note 10 plus 5 g that I swapped carriers I also had the phone unlocked to do so. My issue is the phone will text and  I can also use other apps i also got a new sims card and it still will not make or receive calls I also went a step  further and took it to a phone doctor and he informs me that verizon  had phones that will only work  on their service and it doesnt matter if they are unlocked  have never heard of this and dont know this to be true has anyone that has had this issue and how to fix it? I have reached out to verizon many times and they have told me the pone is unlock so it could be used by another carrier.  and also the phone doctor said the number on the phone has a v in front of them that  tells him that its not an universal phone whatever that means.

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