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The last few years I have noticed that Verizon's service was slowly getting bad.  I live 2 miles from the tower I believe I am getting service from, I basically get nothing now.  I moved into my house 10 years ago, our service was great, could talk and use apps really well all the time.  Now it has gotten horrible, I have been told  by the local retail stores that we are swapping over to 5G, and I could understand if I didn't have a 5G phone.  Right now I have a Apple 8 +, which I know is not a 5G phone, but my wife's phone is a Pixel 6 it's services are worse than mine.  This isn't about just the area I live in, if I go to Lake City, Gainesville, Valdosta or Jacksonville it's the same thing, especially the data part.  I have been a Verizon customer for a long time, it used be great service, but it is not so much anymore.  Plus I have 2 other family members that have their own plan with the newest Iphones, and they get the same thing.  I work in the communications field I get there will be issues with growing pains, but to go completely backwards from what your services used to be?

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Ver_71 Providing the best service is vital to us, and I'm sorry this is happening. To clarify, are you experiencing problems with calls, text, and data connection at multiple locations? Is this happening indoors? How far away from the area do you need to drive/walk to notice an improvement?