should I cancel my family plan?

I’ve been dealing with Verizon customer service (or LACK OF) since June 26th, both in the local store and on-line and over the phone. AND I'M GETTING NOWHERE. I went into the Clifton NJ store to upgrade a phone on our family plan, where I was misled, or lied to, or not given the correct information during my transaction. So when I finally received the updated bill for the following month, I was completely outraged! Things I was promised were not there, and the plan that we had on the phone was switched. I’ve been back to the store twice, where I wasted at least an hour each time. I have also spent several hours on a computer chat and on the phone, at several times with several different customer service reps, all of whom described themselves as a MANAGER. I have been told that both myself and the person I went into the store with "did not hear what we thought we did, as it was not possible!" PLEASE HELP!