trade in issues with new customer
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I'm one of the frustrated customers who is going through the Trade-in issue by verizon. I'm a new customer to Verizon and switched my line from another carrier in October. It was an order that was placed through their sales team over phone. At the time of signing up for Verizon, I was told I can trade-in my Iphone x with iphone 13 pro for a trade-in value of $800.00. My phone was in perfectly good condition as I recently claimed insurance and got a new phone. Verizon had a $800 value promotion at that time for trade-ins and my old devices were in a perfect working  condition and no damages. I was told great things about the ways I can save money with this offer and they also helped me understand an estimated monthly bill. It all sounded great until I found that they didn't put in the request for the trade-in kit. I had to follow up to get the trade-in kit shipped to me. They told me to ignore the $ value shown in the trade-in kit confirmation email and the actual trade in will be $800 that was mentioned in the promotion. While I was on the phone still after 100 attempts, I told them I got the email but it didn't have any information. They said it was a glitch and asked me to ignore. I received the trade in kit and I sent them the old devices. Anyway, after follow up verizon gave me a trade in credit of $128.00. This is UNACCEPTABLE. I followed up with verizon again and it was several calls to their customer service. First, your customer service is HORRIBLE. I work in tech support so do not even get me started with wait times. I contacted them via phone, chat, email but literally no response. You DO NOT have any escalation process?? really? Is this what you call CUSTOMER SERVICE? 😣 I have spoked to 1 person so far who said it was a mistake that they didn't apply the correct trade in value and said this is beyond my capacity so let me transfer you to another agent. He "TRANSFERRED" my phone to someone who "HUNG UP" wow!  Several hours spent on the call so far and the issue wasn't resolved yet.
Verizon can you send my old device back? I can send you tracking number so you ca't say oh we don't have it. It was in good condition and definitely worth more than $23.00. Worth the starter phones for kids!! Looking at the internet, I'm not alone and there are lot of customers affected by this issue. Your systems are broken and once it's past 30 days we are locked for the contract period and you get mint money with your fake promotions.

STOP this fake promotion Verizon ‌and improve your CUSTOMER SERVICE or stop calling it CUSTOMER SERVICE because clearly its not.‌😡

Re: trade in issues with new customer
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We always want your trade-in to go smoothly. I'm so sorry to learn that wasn't the case for you, and I'm here to help. To continue, I would need to access your account. For that reason, I will also send you a Private Note. -Jordan