trade-in kit not arrived & multiple trade in mix up
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So this July Switch to Verizon promotion appeared attractive ($700 promotional trade-in value + $300 gc), so I switched two lines from T-Mobile to Verizon Unlimited PlayMore, purchased two new iPhones, and submitted trade-in request for my two old phones.
I did all these through VZW online on the same day 07/17. I have a submission order for each of the two trade-in phones.

So far I received only one trade-in material kit and am still waiting for the second kit. The trade-in status check webpage says I don't have much time left until the deadline for shipping my trade-in phones, otherwise I'll lose promotion value for trade-in.

I have two concerns.

1) What if I don't receive the second trade-kit until deadline? Can I just stop by an offiline verizon store and complete the rest of the trade-in process, while keeping the promotion?

2) Another concern: as said, I have two phones to trade in, and I received one kit so far. The thing is, the kit I received doesn't have any slip or anything showing trade-in submission ID or order # or anything.
It's just a box, a return label, and a padded envelop.
So, how do I know which phone should go in which box? If it doesn't matter which phone I put in which box, then okay but if it does matter, then how I determine which is which?


(And please, I've already re-ordered a trade-in kit several times, so please don't just give me a copy/past answer saying "you need to re-order. Go to this page ..."
Well, I can keep re-ordering over and over, but I don't think it'll solve the problem.)

(And also please, give me an answer to 2) above as well. I've spoken with several representative already, and haven't gotten any definite answer.)


Re: trade-in kit not arrived & multiple trade in mix up
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Hello Jason_W, thank you very much for coming over to our wireless family! We definitely want you to receive the trade-in promotions that you're eligible for. Our Trade-in kits are taking longer than normal to get to our customers, so I'm confident that the other one is on the way. All trade-ins must be sent in to us. They are not able to be done at a store. Each box should only contain one phone in it. Does this information help? AliciaD_VZW