trade in not processed and phone now lost

I traded in my phone for an upgrade and was to get an $800 credit. I have waited for a half of year now and I still ha ven't gotten the credit. The rep at the Verizon store said they switched trade in companies and they think this may be a reason my phone got lost. Nonetheless, they know they took my phone for a trade in and still haven't credited me. I am getting the run around being told they are "senidn emails." Verizon's customer service has become a joke and their customers are payting for their mishaps. I'm so ticked off I am looking at different carriers. 

Re: trade in not processed and phone now lost
Customer Service Rep

Hello cleavenger74! We're sorry to read that you're having trouble with the trade-in promotion, and we'd love to help you resolve this situation. Please reply to our private note to get started.   ~Aaron