verizon isn't helping me


I needed a new phone because my old one was dying. I went into a local store but their wait was too long so I looked online. Through a very assertive online chat person, I bought a new phone, even though I said I wasn't sure what it was going to cost and I was worried. the online chat person said not to worry, it wouldn't cost me more. the phone came, i tried to transfer from my old phone to my new phone on my own. I wound up disabling both of my phones and couldn't sign prescriptions because of it. I called verizon and they said I needed to go to an apple store. I went to the apple store and he said he fixed my new phone from being disabled but couldn't help me switch my phones over. so, I went back to the original verizon store who said I did not get all of my promotions and helped me return my old phone. I waited 2 weeks, went back to the store to buy a new phone. I repeatedly said that I didn't want my mom's line to change at all. I didn't want to change my line at all. I just wanted a new phone. She said my bill would only go up the cost of the phone. She took my old phone to return for me. about a week or two later, she called saying that she couldn't return my phone, I had to and so that is why promotions weren't showing up on my bill. I went in to pick up my old phone and had to request a mailing label. it never came. I called verizon after a week and requested a new mailing label. It came and returned my old phone. Now, my bill is still $100 more per month mainly because now my mom's line is being charged 50$ extra per month. I called and after waiting and talking with someone for a total of over 2 hours, they said they would give me a $100 credit and my bill would go back to about $100/month. I continued to receive notices from verizon that my bill wasn't completely paid. I called again today and spent over 80 minutes talking to a rep and waiting and talking to a supervisor just for him to tell me its been over 30 days, you can't return the phone and i can't make this right. if I change your plan, you owe over $500 for the new phone and we can't return you to your old plan. the new plan is charging me for the new phone and over the course of 2 years will charge me an extra $1200 for my mom's line who uses no data and has an Iphone 6. Now, I have to wait and see if a higher level supervisor will call me back tomorrow to see if they can help me. I have been a verizon customer my whole life. All I want is retroactive adjustment to my bill to reflect that I should not have to pay extra for my mom's line. And then, the representative says, "oh and if you leave, you can't take your number with you". Because that was helpful. 

Re: verizon isn't helping me
Customer Service Rep

We always want the upgrade process to go smoothly. I'm sorry to learn about what happened, and I'm eager to help you. Since posting, have you received the call back you mentioned? -Jordan