verizon05242024 - Verizon Depot , 11413


May 28, 2024


Verizon Depot 

145-99 226th Street 

Jamaica, NY 11413 


Subject: Acclamation and Appraisal for Outstanding Service


Dear Verizon Team,


I am writing this letter to commend the exceptional service provided by three of your outstanding employees during a critical incident on Friday, May 24th, around 12:30 PM, marking the beginning of the long Memorial Day weekend. The incident involved an eighteen-wheeler that struck a utility post, severely damaging a network of black and thick utility wires connecting phones, internet, and TV networks. The impact was so severe that it affected a radius of four blocks, with cables stripped of their insulation covers and exposing a multicolor array of wires, many of which fell onto the street at 226th Street.


Thanks to the quick thinking of many neighbors, NYFD(many thanks to them), and others were called to address this delicate situation. The chaos was further compounded by traffic congestions at the corner of 225th Street due to NYC DOT’s new corner street renovations, with drivers struggling to navigate around the immobilized eighteen-wheeler tangled in hanging wires.


In this chaotic scenario, three individuals from your Verizon Depot at 145-99 226th Street, Jamaica, NY 11413, demonstrated extraordinary dedication and professionalism.


One of our members ran towards the depot entrance and began to ring the bell, but initially received no response. As he was heading back, a gentleman, a white male in his late 40s, emerged from a white van marked with Verizon logos, equipped with yellow emergency lights at the front roof, and a network of utility ladders on the roof. This gentleman listened to our member, understood the severity of the situation, and reassured him that he would relay the critical information promptly.


Subsequently, Verizon dispatched another gentleman, a white male with pronounced white hair, displaying his Verizon ID on his chest and holding a walkie-talkie and cell phone. He interacted briefly with one of our members, acknowledged the initial visit to the depot, “ah it was you ringing the doorbell” and confirmed that units would be responding to the emergency. He monitored the incoming traffic, ensuring the area was secured with yellow emergency tape.


Upon returning, our member encountered Mr. Joe *****, a Verizon utility personnel. Mr. ***** was actively monitoring the situation and preparing the area for the arriving units. Despite being busy, he was approachable and handled neighbors’ questions with professionalism and care, providing reassuring responses about the situation being under control.


The Verizon crew worked tirelessly throughout the night, resolving the issue by the following morning. Their professionalism and workmanship were exemplary. I would also like to acknowledge the Verizon app, which allowed me to use data for communication, and the Verizon TV, which ensured I didn’t miss the Rangers vs Panthers game that Friday night, (which we won that night).


Thank you to the two unidentified gentlemen, who could not get their names with all the excitement, and Mr. ***** for their exceptional acts and professionalism. Verizon should recognize and appreciate their efforts.



Afrose *****

Member of the 145th Avenue Block Association.


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