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I've noticed other posts about victra and we are having a bad experience as well.

In  October 22, 2022, we went in and traded in a galaxy s9 for a flip 3.  the sales guy told us we would get a $800 promotional rebate on the S9, we wouldn't have gotten the flip3 otherwise.  waited a month, no rebate.  contacted verizon they said that they had received the s9 and that victra had to fill out some paperwork to get the rebate.  so we went back in the store and they filled out the paperwork.  waited another month, no rebate.  went back in they did further research and the same sales guy admitted to making a mistake (the promotion had expired before we did the S9 trade in October 22, 2022, but Victra ) and that he had talked to the manager and we would be hearing from in in a week and get the rebate.  waited again.  no phone call, no rebate.  went back in the store.  the sales guy said he had an email from the manager that he would shared with us.  As of January 6, 2023, the manager said to leave our name and number because this was the first he'd heard of it.   


i can only assume at this point that they've known all along and have just been wasting our time,  hoping we would go away.

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steven123456, we are concerned to hear you are having issues with a promotion on your account, and are happy to take a look at the details. Please respond to the Private Note that was sent.