why is san francisco 3g more responsive than 4g?!

I'm a decade plus loyal verizon customer, who is increasingly frustrated with the embarassingly bad 4g data latency in san francisco. Where i live in noe valley (and neighboring castro) 4g is often non functional due to lag and packet loss, despite having 3-4 bars. Other areas of the city are similar.

There was a thread 6 months ago..


From there, i installed a 3g/4g switcher.. And im astonished to find the 3g network MORE responsive than 4g!! Why?!?!

When i say "responsive", i mean the duration from pressing a link in the browser, to the moment the new webpage is loaded. This doesn't depend on " speed" as much as low latency and low packet loss... So what gives, why is there so much latency on 4g?

Here is the top of a trace on 4g from market and diamond street. 500ms?!?!?

1.; 225.sub-66-174-219.myvzw.com; 534.570,  534.407,  534.287

2.; 116.sub-69-83-168.myvzw.com; 534.209,  534.131,  534.055

3.; 145.sub-69-83-165.myvzw.com; 546.597,  533.899,  560.110

4. *

5. *

Tmo network does not have these problems. Im embarasses when people show me their tmo phones and snappy browsing, and i have to tell myself verizon has "better coverage". Who cares if it is so SLOW.

Why is this so broken? When will it be fixed?!?!

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