ASUS P008 Android update - now laggy on coming out of "sleep" mode

Ever since the latest Android OS update push, the tablet takes upwards of a minute to "wake up".   Before the update, pressing the on button with the unit up and running in power saving mode it would instantly respond.  Now it is very laggy and at times almost seems to now respond at all. 

Has anyone else experienced this with this unit since the update, and if so has anyone found a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: ASUS P008 Android update - now laggy on coming out of "sleep" mode
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We want you to have the best possible experience with your tablet. When checking, we didn't find any known issues confirmed by the manufacturer with the most recent update. Updates can change the environment of your device, causing some odd behavior the first few days after as apps and other resources optimize and become accustomed to any changes. When did you complete the most recent update? Were there any other recent changes(new apps, app updates, etc.) that occurred around the same time? Are you only experiencing the issue when the tablet is being taken out of sleep mode?


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