ASUS ZenFone V- Network Failure, Software Support Failure
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PLEASE update the ZenFone V to Oreo!

Latest security patch -- April, 2018...

Network fails about three times a day, requiring at least one reboot but at most 2 reboots and a full shutdown, wait, then power on.

The outdated security patch leaves us vulnerable. If you won't fix or update the phone, let us do it for you. Give the ASUS ZenFone V the full ASUS treatment, please?

-Firmware Files

-Source Code

-Bootloader Unlock Tool

BTW: ZenFone V (V520KL) seems to be the exact same hardware as ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZE570KL), but v520kl is 5.2" display and ze570kl is 5.7" display. You maybe able to use this to make things easier for you to fix these problems.

You sold a potentially GREAT device based on the hardware and the GREAT $200 price tag, BUT at that price I guess it's not worth your time to give any support to those who bought it.


ZenFone V Owner

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