Account still suspended despite making full payment on Saturday



For some reason my account is still suspended despite the fact that I made a payment on Saturday. When I try to call Verizon or anyone else, it takes me to the automatic financial services system, tells me my account is past due, and then proceeds to tell me that I don't owe anything if I agree to make a payment. I waited until today thinking it was just an issue with paying on the weekend, but I have been attempting to contact Verizon numerous times today and all calls lead me back to that financial services number. I can't seem to get in contact with an actual human being, and the financial services number doesn't give me any direction on what to do after it states that I owe them nothing. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks!

Re: Account still suspended despite making full payment on Saturday
Customer Service Rep

Hello, KBDeni, we hope you are doing well. Reliable service is a must and we are sorry to see that your service is still suspending after making the full payment on Saturday. We would love the opportunity to turn this experience around and see what is going on with your Verizon service. Please reply to the Private Note we sent to continue this conversation.