Activating new phone

I went to a Horizon store. After 2 1/2 hours it still was not activated. Went to a company store and the guy said the phone was activated but I wasn’t getting any incoming calls so I had to call Verizon again.

after a week and speaking to at least 5 people it is  finally working.

Mostly each person told me they need to transfer me to someone else.

I think going to a Verizon company store is the best bet.

Still I had to wait a half hour to get help.

oh what was wrong I was sent the wrong Sims card.

I do like the phone though.

Re: Activating new phone
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you had. This is never an experience we want you, or any other customer to have. I also apologize that it took some time to resolve. Rest assured that if you need assistance going forward and would like to save a trip to the store, there are many different options to contact the customer service team. You can see them all here: