Alerts from "pcodatareceiver" ???
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I've got a Kyocera Durapro II.  Recently the os was forcebly upgraded without giving me an option, and (as usual) messing up with features or scrambling things.

Suddenly, at irregular and inconvenient times, my phone goes off with some alert.

The notification bar only shows something that says "pcodatareciever data limit..."  something or other.  I can't get specific because it doesn't stay.   And if I tap on it, it goes nowhere.

My "billing cycle" was set to the 25th.  And yet it goes off on the 30th, or the 4th, or any other oddball times.  And I'm no where near my data limit.  And never am, as 75% of the time I'm home on WiFi.

Plus EVERY SINGLE option about data usage alerts is turned off.

Clearly this is yet another broken app from Verizon.

And I'm not going to bother asking them, because their competence level is to reboot (which I've done a few times over the past few weeks) or do a factory reset... and then lie to me that I won't loose any of my settings or account credentials.

Anyone know what that thing is?  Or how to get rid of it?

Annoyed user that I am the product being sold to Google, Android, Kyocera, etc. When I was the one who paid for the device.