All Moto Z buttons won't work!!

I'm coming to conclusion that this Verizon Moto Z phone is the worst phone ever! Mods made it look better, but its the worst kind!

this is the second phone that I got within 12 month!

with the first one, all of sudden, with no reason, WiFi just stopped working... I googled solutions, but non of them worked, not even solution that Verizon puts up here of the forum.

So I got the new one, yet haven't recovered all the apps I had before and this new one got [Removed] up also! I just realized that non of the buttons on this phone works when I tried to lower volume when watching youtube.

I googled everything , and even followed the instruction here on this forum, but they simply don't work.

I'm beginning to believe that Verizon carry refurbished or low quality phones.. this is causing lot of distress to me as I depend on my phone on daily tasks!

I'm going to the store tomorrow after taking half-day off at work, just to deal with this.  I feel very disappointed with this products! I will disconnect with Verizon if I have to.

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Re: All Moto Z buttons won't work!!
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I truly apologize for the frustration your device has caused you and that's not how I want you to feel, Irfmaj9. It would be very sad to lose you as I a valued customer and want to help resolve your device issue. Does your Wi-Fi connection stop working in one or all locations? Does your device have any physical or moisture damage? I sent you a private message and ask for you to reply back so I can assist you further.


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