Android 10 updates disabled my Motorola G7

Motorola/Verizon made “automatic” updates to my Motorola G7 8/28-29/20.  Following the updates, I could not make/receive calls, my contacts would not download and none of my other apps would work.  On 8/29, I went to 2 Verizon authorized dealers. One of the sales/technicians inspected the phone, looked at software downloads and determined it was definitely a software issue.  3 Verizon employees inspected the determined it was a software issue and ordered a new G7 to be sent to my home.  He even inspected the power port. 

There are numerous accounts of Motorola/ Verizon Android 10 phone updates disabling phone software with no ability to disable or delete the updates.  It was my local Verizon store that suggested the only answer, order another phone as this one was still under warranty.  I recently received a charge of $299 from Verizon for a “damaged phone”.  I am still paying on the “damaged phone”.