Android 6 issues with S6 edge plus

I really do like the phone itself. My first S6 edge plus worked fine until I updated to Android 6 when it was released for samsung smartphones. Now, I understand that a brand new os is bound to have issues, but a few patches and updates later the problems persisted. The biggest issue was with signal strength nose diving (-110 to -120 dbm). Changing network modes didn't do anything. The other issues were with voicemail (error code 9002), and certain apps wouldn't work properly (google, pandora). I tried a factory reset and a SIM card replacement, but no fix. Verizon was able to send me a replacement S6 edge plus with the existing android 5 os. I REFUSED to update to android 6 and the phone worked great. All I had to deal with was the recurring prompt for me to do a phone update, but it was easy to ignore it or set it for a later time. Unfortunately, I accidentally pushed update recently and now I have marshmallow and some of the same problems. The signal strength problem is gone thankfully. But some of my apps don't work properly and I still receive the 9002 error for voicemail. I've read that the 9002 code disappears if I switch power saving mode off, but I charge my phone a lot as is and would not like to drain battery life faster. Is there any other patches or fixes out there that I don't know about, or am I just stuck with the bugs?

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Re: Android 6 issues with S6 edge plus
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Software updates are supposed to make your phone better, not worse. I'm troubled to hear by all of the issues that you've had since you've updated the software. But, I'm eager to assist in turning things around. You mentioned that you have several concerns, and we will absolutely address them all, but let's focus on your signal concern first. Do you notice that you are having the signal strength concern everywhere you go, or is this happening in one particular zip code? What service (call/text/data) is this impacting the most?

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