Android 7.0 Update (Nougat)
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So... Android 7.0 Nougat has been released. Are you just waiting to install that update and get it going? Ready to see some new exciting features?

Well don't. At least not before doing the following.

We all know that Nougat has been causing some issues. But I have not experienced ONE of these issues. Now, how does one stop an OS from plaguing their flagship and causing it to act strange or not the way it was meant to? Factory Data Reset. Oh don't you cry about doing an FDR on your phone it isn't that bad.

In fact, it's a healthy practice that will keep your device running smoothly. I know some people are all worried they will lose their content onto the mysterious Cloud, but don't worry.

1. Install the Verizon Cloud.

2. Purchase 25GB of storage to start.

3. Backup your device. Twice.

4. Go to Settings>Backup & Reset

5. Make sure "Backup my Data" is on.

6. Ensure that the backup account is one you have access to (normally your Samsung Account)

7. Ensure Automatic Restore is OFF.

8. Factory Reset

Now that you have Factory Reset, whiz through the Setup Wizard and do not install anything or restore anything.

It's important you don't restore anything. You need the very basic of Marshmallow. Now, go to Settings>System Updates and start the update. Once that has finished, you are going to Factory Reset again. Once finished, when you go through the Setup Wizard you can select what applications you want to re-install. Your Wi-Fi passwords should still be there.

Now, what about my stuff? All those pictures? Leave them in the Cloud. Don't restore every single one. You can access the VZCloud and restore a few select ones that you want to use as Wallpapers/Contact photos etc... But you do not need to restore everything.

Now, enjoy the new update!


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Re: Android 7.0 Update (Nougat)
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Personally I would have used Google Photos for the picture backup instead of the Verizon Cloud, but to each their own. I also prefer a third party application for the backup of the text messages as well.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.