Android Pie Recent Apps

I just purchased a LG G8 yesterday and did the software update to Android 10 today. I noticed that the recent app screen now shows apps in a horizontal fashion similar to IOS. I preferred the vertical look that allowed me to see more than one app at a quick glance. As far as solutions seem to go the only options available seem to be for Samsung users via a launcher.


If someone could direct me to a place where I can voice my opinion to Google or if you have a Google liaison that could ask Google if users could have the option to choose which way they want the recent apps to function I would appreciate it. 

Re: Android Pie Recent Apps
Customer Service Rep

MARENG12, thanks so much for reaching out to us about this. I know how vital it is for you to set your apps up how you like. I am the same way. However, I would actually us the link below to reach out to Google support to voice your opinion. Does this help?