Android not receiving texts from one Iphone contact

I have an issue that has not been able to be resolved. About a month ago my iphone stopped connecting to a network, receiving calls, imessage, sms etc. I got a new phone and the issue persisted and SMS was being delivered intermittently. I changed carriers (came to verizon) and got a new phone, number, and sim card. Problems with sms continued, found out my icloud was corrupt, and wiped my phone and made a completely new icloud. Now, I still randomly have an issue with one android user that randomly does not receive my texts, they also have Verizon. Anyone ever had this issue? I have done every type of trouble shooting there is. We were able to contact each other regularly and easily for about a month before my network issues started, as soon as they started this problem has persisted. They do not have a problem with anyone else, just my contact. Im looking for some out of the box ideas. I am the only contact this is happening with with them and now they are the only contact I am having issues with.

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Re: Android not receiving texts from one Iphone contact

new i-phone or android?? check & see if messages aren't being sent as an email.

Re: Android not receiving texts from one Iphone contact
Verizon Employee

We understand the importance of having the ability to receive text message from iPhones. Lets gather more clues to resolve this issue. Have you checked your device to see if the android user is blocked? Can you please clarify the exact make model of your device? Also, are you able to receive messages from them?


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