Androids and Factory Resets
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For the second time, the first about a year ago, my Kyocera has begun a factory reset while in the back pocket of my jeans!! I was told by Verizon tech and Kyocera agent that's impossible for a variety of reasons of which I was already aware. I read in the community that Androids will self reset after X attempts or  X keys being pressed, can't recall. Is that true? My Kyocera has to have a fingerprint or PIN to open. Neither, available whilst in my back pocket. How could this Android be opened without using one of these safety measures? How did the Android figure it needed to reset without keys being pressed? I do not believe the jeans were involved since I was wearing different brands at the time of reset. I would like to know of anyone else on the planet in this situation of getting a factory reset without touching the phone. More precisely, a factory reset without touching the phone whilst the phone is in the back pocket of one's pants. Verizon and/or Kyocera customer.


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We certainly understand how frustrating that would be. Help is here. Which specific model of Kyocera do you have? -BrittanyC_VZW