Any users of V30, reception/coverage question

Hello, quick question.  Have been looking at picking up a V30, and may pull the trigger with the current sale.  I was wondering if there are any network issues with this phone.  Only reason I asked, I was looking at another (lesser) carrier's coverage map and it had you enter your specific device to show device-specific coverage.  When I entered the iPhone (son's phone) I got one very well covered data map in my area, but when I changed it to the V30 I got a swiss cheese-looking coverage map that was more hole than cheese for that same area.  Several other phones all looked more like the iPhone and not like the V30; it seemed to be an issue for that particular phone.

Is that something that doesn't happen with VZW?  IE, if you have a current VZW-branded phone it will have all the same bands and frequencies as any other?  I checked VZW coverage maps on the website and there doesn't seem to be any device-specific field to fill, so maybe all are the same?  I just don't want to buy something and then learn it's semi-crippled in terms of reception/coverage.  Thanks!

PS, any current users of this phone, how do you like it so far?

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