App data used on one phone charged 3 times
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Let me preface by saying that I have 3 phone lines.  I have been going over my data allowance recently, so I started investigating by looking at the data used per app by each phone.

I found the following to be the case for many apps, but I will use the following as an example.  I have a coupon app on my phone, but it is not installed on the other 2 phones. When I look at the data used by that app, there is data attributed to that app on all 3 phones.  Are they dividing it equally among all lines (why would Ver. do that) or am I being charged three times the data?  I have tried to add all of the data used by each app in each phone, but it doesn't add up to the same number.

Can anyone offer any insight, so that I do not have to spend an hour on the phone with customer service. I will definitely call, however, if this does not sound correct to the community.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: App data used on one phone charged 3 times
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CeCe66, its awesome that you are reviewing your data usage as it is important to know who and how the data is being used. So sorry to hear you are going over on the usage but help is here. Although data usage can be shared on an account, one line will not have data usage for an application that is not installed on the phone itself. For a situation like this, it is important that we review your account to figure out what is going on with the data and ensure you have the right plan to suit both your usage and budget needs. I have sent you a Private Message.